2012 International ProStar+ Hi Rise Sleeper

June 30, 2011

Anyone seeking a highly efficient, innovative Class 8 truck will be interested to see what the 2012 ProStar+ International Hi Rise Sleeper has to offer. This model took an already popular design and expanded on it by polling drivers on what they needed out of their truck. Thus this truck features better driver functionality, a more aesthetically pleasing interior, and a higher grade of efficiency. The Hi Rise Sleeper provides plenty of room for a driver to get comfortable without feeling as though they are hemmed into a tight area. These benefits and more make the 2012 ProStar+ Hi Rise Sleeper an excellent choice for long haul drivers.

First, let's talk the fluid economy of the ProStar+. This is not to be confused with fuel economy. Fuel economy only addresses the cost of diesel per mile. Fluid economy addresses the combination of diesel cost per mile and liquid urea. Liquid urea is an additional fluid that is needed by trucks with an SCR emissions solution. The MaxxForce 13 engine of the ProStar+ includes Advanced EGR which is an emissions solution that does not require liquid urea.

One will also enjoy increased savings on fuel and larger payloads thanks to other aspects of the ProStar+. The ProStar+ comes in at almost 1000 pounds less (on average) than similarly specced and outfitted trucks. An improved aerodynamic design in addition to the lighter weight gives the ProStar+ upwards of a 2.5% better fluid efficiency than that of competitors.

The interior of the ProStar+ is designed with the driver's comfort and function entirely in mind. A mixture of on and off-center steering controls improves the driver's ability to maneuver and maintain control of the truck. A driver information display provides a connection for an MP3 player, integrated Bluetooth and microphone, navigation display, and a tire monitoring system. Additional improvements have been made to the smoothness of the clutch pedal for easier shifting and reducing long-term fatigue. Drivers wanted more room so the ProStar+ features more leg room and a redesigned cabin with up to 50% more storage than the original.

The MaxxForce 13 engine provides a completely hassle-free no emissions solution to meet 2010 standards. It is fully compliant with EPA standards and is the only engine on the market currently that that has a SCR emissions solution but does not require liquid urea. The engine uses a Compacted Graphic Iron cylinder block which is 40% stiffer, has 75% higher tensile strength, and 200% greater fatigue resistance than traditional iron used in standard Class 8 diesel engines. The MaxxForce 13 is lighter, stronger, and with lower vibrations that help extend its life all while providing a powerful experience.

International Trucks features a long and storied history of providing high quality vehicles in several areas. The International 2012 ProStar+ is one such offering. They built on the incredibly popular ProStar (a best selling model) with suggestions from every day drivers for improvement. After all, it is the driver that uses the truck as an office and a home away from home. International Trucks provides a winning experience with the 2012 ProStar+ Hi Rise Sleeper for drivers interested in comfort, savings, efficiency, and compliance.

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