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Trucker Talk

16 February 2009
Fastest Diesel Truck


Each day, you probably live in fear of getting a speeding ticket, which can harm your reputation with your employer, your customers, your insurance company, and the law, but when you get a speeding ticket, it’s probably just from going a few miles over the speeding limit.

Imagine if you were the driver of the Phoenix, the fastest diesel truck on land. This sea foam green semi-truck leaves a trail of exhaust behinds it as it raced down the track at Speedweek, achieving a record 272 miles per hour.

But this groundbreaker is actually a very old truck, a 1943 international model. If you had seen it in the junkyard, you wouldn’t have thought it much. But after Carl Heal and R.B. Slagle started working on it in 1987, it was never the same. After the installation of a new engine and some aerodynamic styling, it became the world’s fastest land diesel vehicle.

In its lifetime, the Phoenix has accomplished some amazing feats, making the journey to refurbish it worthwhile. While the Phoenix was clearly a project truck, and the two friends who worked on it did so for fun and personal development, this world’s fastest diesel truck speaks to the power of used vehicles. Truckers that like to experiment the way that Carl and R.B. did should check out local junkyards, where they might find gems hidden beneath layers of rust.

Although work on the Phoenix stopped in 2003 after Carl died prematurely, the truck will always be known as the old timer who managed to accomplish much. In addition, the truck will probably have the name as the fastest for some time.

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