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Trucker Talk

08 July 2008
Biodiesel Fuels

With fuel prices and the energy crisis making headlines on the evening news, most of those involved in the transportation industry have become at least curious about biodiesel. Though alternative fuels like biodiesel seem like an obvious solution to the fuel and energy crisis, most truckers are at a loss as to what it really is and whether or not it will have any effect on the high prices truckers are already paying when they fill up.

One of the most informative sites to research and purchase Biodiesel is The site, which features pertinent information about both biodiesel’s effectiveness and its marketability, allows truckers to explore the alternative fuel, discovering what companies and venues already use the product and how the fuel is made. answers important questions about the pioneer fuel, like whether nor not it needs to be blended with Petroleum to fuel a vehicle and the cost of the fuel. According to the site, biodiesel can be used as a fuel in its pure state in addition to being bended with Petroleum to create a blend. Blends of biodiesel and Petroleum are commonly used today, according to In addition to the uses of biodiesel, the web site also chronicles its benefits, like reducing carbons in the ozone layer and emitting fuels that are safer for humans to breathe than other pollutants.

Though information about the fuel and its benefits is important, what truckers really want to know about biodiesel is the bottom line. How much does it cost in comparison with today’s soaring fuel prices. According to, the fuel is often seen as the “least-cost strategy to comply with state and federal regulations.” Biodiesel blend fuels can run in diesel engines with no or few modifications, though alternative fuel vehicles are becoming more mainstream.

Purchasing alternative fuel vehicles is ultimately up to the fleet, according to the site, and purchasing the vehicles can be costly. Because of this, the marketers of biodiesel are focusing mainly on niche markets, or certain specialized industries that can best accommodate the change. Some of these niche markets include vehicles that have low mileages and idle or stop often, like airplane baggage carts and taxi cabs. Alternative fuel vehicles are beginning to make their way into the heavy duty trucking industry, however, as some are already beginning to use the technology in their fleets.

For those who want to learn more about biodiesel, is a wonderful resource. In addition to the correct and succinct information it gives about the alternative fuel, features news updates about alternative fuels and biodiesel. And for those who have had their fill of information and are ready to buy, the website provides not only a list of distributors, but contact information for the company’s own biodiesel sales division. So whether you’re ready to learn or to buy, is a great resource for truckers interested in how the industry is changing.

Posted by mary leigh at 12:24 PM  |  LINK to this post  |  2 comment s  |  Subscribe

I am for ANYTHING that increases gas mileage. Just wondered if you have heard of ethos? It's a fuel reformulator that helps your burn your fuel 99.9% efficiently. Allied Waste saved over one million dollars on their fleet last year. You can hear other testimonies from other truckers at this site. So that's my 2 cents. Joan
Posted by joan sabula on August 31, 2008 at 8:01 PM

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