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Trucker Talk

16 July 2008
Auxiliary Truck Heaters

Spring is beginning to turn into summer and temperatures are finally beginning to rise. Unless they’re driving in the Arctic or Alaska the last thing that most truckers are thinking about is heating their cabs, but’s new products section claims that three anti-idling heating systems available from Espar are worth checking out before winter. Espar, a pioneer in pioneer in idle-free heating technology, has developed these heating systems in order to save truckers money and allow them to comply with anti-idling regulations. According to Espar, the products allow truckers to have a comfortable, warm night’s sleep for less than a dollar per night.

According to, the new heating systems incorporate changes that have been suggested by truckers who use Espar’s current heating systems. The new systems allow truckers to heat their vehicles for a low price, saving up to $35 dollars per day and reduce the amount of wear and tear on their engines. So if the heaters do not use battery power to warm the cab, how do they work? The heaters use a Hydronic 5 heater approved by the California Air Resources Board to heat the cab, engine, and fuel system. They use a twelve or twenty-four volt battery system and a gasoline or diesel engine in order to produce heat. In addition to keeping the engine and cab warm, the heater keeps engines from experiencing engine problems due to cold by circulating engine coolant. The products also allow the engine to start quickly, even in the coldest weather.

 The Hybernator-On Frame and The Hybernator-In Frame are two of the three systems which require installation between the frame rails, though this can be done without drilling. The Baire Necessity, however, is a portable window system which can be transported throughout the truck for the most comfortable position. The heater can also be transferred between trucks easily. In addition to heating trucks without idling, the heater systems come with an interesting accessory—a seven-day timer. The timer allows drivers to set a timer to turn on the heater up to seven days in advance. The timer also comes with a device that allows truckers to troubleshoot any problems the timer may encounter. Also, Espar provides a top-of-the-line web site that can more than answer questions about the product. Among the site’s features are a calculator that allows truckers to determine exactly how much they will save by purchasing the system and a series of videos that explains how the heaters work.

Although summer is about to come on full force, it’s never too early to start checking out new heating systems during the winter. Especially because many states have mandated idling laws, the new heating systems will be beneficial to truckers this winter.

Posted by mary leigh at 8:43 AM  |  LINK to this post  |  1 comment  |  Subscribe

yea i better get one of those since i will be having a new route in the more northern states where the winters are cold n cruel :/ -Jack
Posted by Swift Driving Jobs on July 21, 2008 at 12:18 PM