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Trucker Talk

21 July 2008
Mobile Satellite TV

Just because you aren’t home to catch them in front of the family set doesn’t mean you deserve to miss your TV shows every day or week because you can’t get a signal in your cab and you don’t want to pay for an overpriced hotel room.  Though Internet TV and movies might satisfy your urge to observe for a while, you’ll begin to long your favorite characters and plot foibles.  That’s where the VU Qube Mobile Satellite TV system comes in.  

According to, this invention is perfect for RV and truck drivers who want to watch Dish Network, Direct TV Bell Express VU, or your own television antenna. The “first mobile satellite antenna built for trucks,” this television antenna allows truckers to view their favorite shows in fast, uninterrupted glory.

   The satellite TV system is as powerful as a home television antenna, and in fact, DieselBoss says the antenna is so powerful the drivers will begin to confuse their cabs with their own homes. Easy to install, the receiver is mounted just on top of the cab, and the quick in-cab installation allows users to quickly see a difference in their television pictures.  But for those truckers who prefer not to install even the easiest equipment, truckers in Albany, Oregon only can choose to have a professional installation.

 DieselBoss reports the receiver is not at risk from weather as it is encased in a weatherproof cube for ease of installation and use throughout all weather patterns. Even after it is installed, truckers will have no reason to visit the rooftops of their cabs.  Instead, they can use the remote that comes with the receiver to change its position. The satellite connects via a single cable included in the installation. For truckers who use a satellite TV service at home, the dish can be added to their present bill for only $5 each month.

  Though the company provides everything needed to get the satellite receiver installed and working, truckers are also required to have several prerequisites before they can expect to be able to watch the programming.  They must be subscribed to a to a satellite service, have a satellite receiver with that company, a television, and a mounting bracket.  For ease, the company sells required mounting brackets for an additional cost. The brackets come in either a drill or no drill style. 

 For truckers who don’t want to miss out on entertainment just because they’re working, this satellite system is perfect, simple, and affordable.  By improving the picture quality and using the trucker’s existing television package, this product will make truckers want to stay on the road instead of returning home.

Posted by mary leigh at 12:56 PM  |  LINK to this post  |  3 comment s  |  Subscribe

Don't you get tired of writing and hardly nobody reading your blog? I read what you wrote about Highway Watch, and never read such ignorance. You obviously knew nothing about the program and trashed it very badly. I've drove truck for 35 years, and HWW was a good SAFETY PROGRAM long before it started training us to watch for terrorists. Stick with your OOIDA and all the rest of the strike minded dumb keeps getting us nowhere........
Posted by Bill Gillen on July 24, 2008 at 12:07 AM

I am sorry I left the previous comment. I was so angry after reading what someone else said...I left this comment on the wrong post. Once again, I am sorry
Posted by Bill Gillen on July 24, 2008 at 9:59 AM

Thanks Bill, sorry to have upset you!
Posted by TruckerJim on July 24, 2008 at 10:10 AM