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Trucker Talk

02 April 2008
Truck Stops Offer Discounts on Biodiesel for Card Holders

Truck Stops Offer Discounts on Biodiesel for Card Holders  

The National Biodiesel Foundation jus unveiled the first-ever biodiesel fuel card.  Officially called BioTrucker Fuel Card, it highlights the availability of biodiesel with a network of truck stops that carry biodiesel.

Truckers and fleets pay cash price on all fuel and no fuel transaction fee for biodiesel at in-network truck stops. In addition, SappBros. Travel Centers (Peru Ill.), Waddy Unocal 76 (Waddy, Ky.) and Drivers Truck Stop (Ft. Worth, TX) stepped up to the plate to be the first to offer a $.02 discount at the pump for BioTrucker Fuel Card holders.

The BioTrucker Fuel Card gives trucking companies and owner operators an easy way to pay for fuel, access cash advances, and pay for repairs and other expenses while on the road. Card holders pay the cash price for all fuel, instead of a credit price. ProMiles mapping software is a partner that provides incentives for using its software – the only mapping software for the trucking industry that shows biodiesel locations. Discounts on repairs and tires as well as road side assistance are also available through the card.

In addition to the in-network truck stops, the card is accepted at 4900 truck accessible retail stations across the U.S.  Truckers and fleets can sign up for the card at and find all in-network locations for the BioTrucker Fuel Card and hundreds of truck stops that carry biodiesel.

Posted by george wilkins at 6:49 AM  |  LINK to this post  |  1 comment  |  Subscribe

Flying J in Effingham and Alorton, IL have been offering Bio with a discount for some time. It is currently listed at .05 under diesel.
Posted by Shoestring1 on April 11, 2008 at 6:27 PM