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Trucker Talk

21 March 2008
Enough Is Enough: Truckers Speak Out on Shutdown

There's a lot of talk going around  truck radio, CB channels and the blogosphere about a possible nationwide truck shutdown May 1-8, dubbed Enough Is Enough. High diesel prices are the catalyst for growing trucker dissatisfaction over a wide range of issues that are pushing independent truckers and small firms to the brink of extinction. Trucker to Trucker readers have been hot and heavy with their comments on both ends of the debate. Here's what truckers on the front line are saying:

"This movement is to call attention to the plight of ALL of trucking. Fuel prices are just the icing on the cake. The threat of Mexican Trucks, addition of toll roads, increasing taxes, low freight rates. The trucking industry has been getting hit from all sides." - Shoestring 1 

"We already have too much government interference in our lives and businesses. I respect any business owner's right to shut down his business for a few hours, days, or forever. So if a large number of Independent Truckers all want to go home and shut down at the same time that is their right. Please do not interfere with my business and the business of others as we attempt to provide service to your previous customers." - from an unnamed reader posted by Trucker Jim

"I myself fear some of the repercussions of a strike ... I want no violence, I plan to just stay home and enjoy a little down time ... I have been BOYCOTTING on my own ... slowing down to save fuel, running on the night shift when I can, staying out longer. It takes not only smarter trucking, it means harder trucking, more sacrifice ...  our industry is in the process of thinning the herd, the weak and dying will be eliminated. I don't know where I fit into this process, but those that do survive will benefit greatly." - Charles Miller 

"This action will only work if we have large numbers involved in the Shutdown. Washington DC will HAVE to at least look at the issues we are face'n. This is an Election Year, use it to your advantage, let Washington know what you feel & how hard we have it right now. - Dan Little

"It needs to start with the tankers. If the gas/fuel can't make it to the pumps, the rest of the country stops, too. I just hope when the time comes, we can afford to stop with everyone. ... we are raising a family living paycheck to paycheck. No time is a good time for a strike, but we have to do something." - trucker wife

"Think this over, I'm pissed enough too to shut down too but the fall-out I think will make worse an already sketchy public opinion about truckers." - Daniel Audet, the Original Florida Kid

"I am ALL for the shutdown. ... I am tired of staying out 2-3 weeks at a time just to be able to cover fuel costs." - Hugh Alverson 

"... our entire industry is facing a melt down that will dwarf the sub-prime mortgage crisis. Every tangible item that you have ever seen, held, or used was delivered by ... trucks." - John

"I think we should all shut down the same day and cripple the entire country ... Make it so that all Wal-Mart store shelves are empty, have Americans running out of food to feed their families ... 300 million Americans have to feel the pain of this ..." - Iceman

"We are long past due for drivers to come together and take back control of the industry." - Michael Whitehead

Posted by keep on truckin' at 11:13 PM  |  LINK to this post  |  8 comment s  |  Subscribe

finally drivers are waking up. it is time for the o/o's to flex their muscle. show the politicians that we are a force to deal with. we just need to get organized and do this right. get the word out and tell the co drivers this affects all truckers not just a few.
Posted by gopher on March 23, 2008 at 7:32 AM

I encourage everyone to take action. Unfortunately it seems that there are a lot of regional sporadic actions. to go nationwide it must be coordinated and since OOIDA is finally showing its colors and wimped out the only other structure force is the IWW union with contacts across the country with truckers, especially in California. We will be having a meeting on April 12 and will probably set a date for our action, more than likely on May Day, and will ask Houston and New Jersey to join us. By having the West coast, east coast, and Gulf coast all agree IT WILL HAPPEN!!! All the week of May Day??? : )
Posted by Ernesto Nevarez on March 23, 2008 at 11:53 AM

Ernesto, I for one, am excited to hear more exposure getting out. Just for the record, MayDay is the word used worldwide to signal distress. And if trucking (and the economy in general) are not in distress, we never will be. Enough is Enough was born by this idea, to signal out distress to the rest of the country and world. The worlds economy has been hurt, just as the US. The globalizatin of industry is backfiring, as companies now find new challenges they never expected. As for here in the US, with the government sending jobs overseas, it is time for all to boycott. Look at the Air force. They are trying to send their lastest plane to France, with final assembly in Mobile, AL. This may create 3000 jobs in the Mobile area, but nothing has been reported on how many jobs will be lost. One can only believe it will far outreach the 3000 created. The failure of the 5th largest investment bank, the mortgage bust, all results of government failure to act and act respondsible. The sending of the US Air Force contract to a France company is not respondsible. It is a slap in the face of every US individual. We stop the trucks, and America will stop. Enough is Enough Shutdown, May 1st-8th.
Posted by Shoestring1 on March 28, 2008 at 9:34 AM

im a trucker and its funny how o/o think a shut down or slow down and running legal will make the gov do anything. shutting down is elegal and following the laws is what they want us to do. think about it.
Posted by ladybug on March 30, 2008 at 2:03 PM

i think its time to shut down now not later before we all go broke block fuel truck in so they cant deleiver fuel cut the hoses of fuel pumps we need to get the media involved
Posted by kevin roberts on March 31, 2008 at 9:38 AM

RANDOM STATE FUEL BOYCOTT!!! The time is NOW!!! The random state fuel boycott HAS begun. Four states each week. For five weeks,.... 20 states total. Starting Sunday through Saturday Midnight each week, do not buy fuel in the listed states: April 6-12 IL, NJ, NM, UT April 13-19 IN, NY, MS, NC April 20-26 PA, VA, AR, GA April 27- May 3 OH, SC, FL, IA May 4-10 CT, AL, OR, CO You CAN make a difference!!! Economics WILL get their attention. If ONLY 100 trucks a day participated,... that’s 700 trucks a week at about 1000.00 (to fill up), that’s a little less than 3/4’s of a million dollars. That’s not counting sales beside those at the pump. Now take a guess how many trucks cross any given state per day, and if only a small percentage takes part, still a pretty LOUD statement!!! This is NOT to target any particular area, fuel chain, or specific truck stop. We still live in a country of CHOICES, FREEDOMS, and CHANCES!! PLEASE......PASS THE WORD!!! TALK IT UP ON THE CB!!! THANK YOU AND BE SAFE JUST ANOTHER DRIVER GOING THE EXTRA MILE SPREADING THE WORD
Posted by sonny on April 8, 2008 at 5:05 PM

Just wanted to say that I enjoy this site, and since you asked thought I would mention that our new blog is up and running. Its called Highway Hags and is the personal blog of a two-female OTR team and our life on the road. Would love to have you visit us anytime.
Posted by Hedon on August 27, 2008 at 1:34 PM

Does anyone have information on "Front Bumper Dehorning" on Kenworth Truck bumbers? Also, any information on Kenworth front bumpers folding under and taking out steering system box after hitting object. Thanks.
Posted by Jo Bellin on October 18, 2008 at 9:06 AM