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Trucks For Sale in Seattle at Husky Trucks

Seattle, WA

Currently, there are no Trucks For Sale in Seattle at Husky Trucks for sale. The following have all been sold...

Currently, all of these units have been sold. Perhaps you can still find what you are looking for here... !

Why Buy Husky Trucks?

Seattle based Husky International has a wide variety of day cabs, sleepers and straight trucks in addition to a variety of trucks coming in constantly, our inventory is up to date and full of bargains. All of our used trucks are totally inspected and will meet DOT requirements before delivery. We offer warranties too, ask sales person what warranties are available currently. Since 1985 we've specialized in new and used International trucks, Ottawa trucks, GMC, Isuzu, and Volvo trucks. We deliver the highest quality service at the most competitive price.

Certified International Dealer

Finance and Insurance

Full-service body shop

Fanatical customer service

Seattle and Spokane

Best Buys on Trucks

Parts Specials

Husky Idealease is the largest privately owned rental and leasing company in the Northwest. The full service leasing option takes the work right out of your hands! Truckers who choose this option get the truck, the service, the replacements, and even washing, tax reporting, and a variety of programs to keep your truck in great shape and to keep you informed about your truck.

Even if you already have a truck that you are using, Husky Trucks has a lot to offer you, including the Ideal Maintenance program, in which you get all the maintenance benefits of a Husky Idealease full-service leaser with your own truck. Rental trucks can be used in an emergency or to fulfill larger shipping requirements during periods of growth. In addition, you can always turn to Husky when it's time to order your next part. Let Husky search for your part and let you know when it comes in! If you want a company that is all that it's name says it is and more, look for Husky International-the place where truckers can meet all of their needs in Seattle and Spokane. Husky features parts and service options, insuring you'll be getting the best components and the best know-how from mechanics that have been trained to work with Husky Trucks customers.

In fact, it's the best place to shop. While Husky Trucks is located in Seattle and Spokane, our inventory is available online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you're just thinking about getting into the Trucking Business, Husky Trucks can give you what you're looking for through the click of a button. Husky's trucks and equipment inventories can be viewed online or truckers can visit Husky Trucks website for more information to get you trucking fast. Now if you're in the area you need to stop by and we can really get the job done today! Whatever it is, Husky can do! Financing, insurance, parts and service, sales, we have you covered!