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Fred Walter
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2022 EXA

4100 cu.ft. Pig Storage
Pneumatic - Dry Bulk
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2022 EXA 4100CF PIG STORAGE TANK Capacity: 4,100 cu. ft. Commodity: Storage of silica sand, limestone, cement, and other bulk commodities Design Pressure: 15 PSI, tested at 23 PSI Gross Weight (Max): 450,000 Lbs. Overall Length: 62 ft. Height: 13 ft. 3.4 in. Weight: 30,865 Lbs. Width: 132 in. Material: Carbon Steel Suspension: Hutch spring suspension with three variable section leaves Compartments: Single Hopper(s): Six (6) discharge cones with aerators with discharge 6 in. butterfly valve Shell: 3/16 in. A572-55 High resistance steel Welding: Inside and out, minimal tie-ins with automatic welding Connections: One (1) 4 in. tank pressurization line Inlet: 3 in. with aluminum quick coupling, 3 in. check valve, 3 in. auxiliary connection, and 3 in. butterfly valve Outlet: One (1) Rear of 5 in. diam with six butterfly valves Shut Off: External Venting/Reliefs: Two (2), one in the airline and another one in the front of the tank Axles: One (1) 30,000 lbs., 102 in. wide, 77.5 in. track TP type with the automatic slack adjuster Brakes: Air brakes with two boosters FMVSS-121, ABS 2S/1M Bendix Bumper: 4 in. X 4 in. tube per DOT Frame: Full Length 1/4 in. A-36 Formed Landing Gear: Five (5) pairs of screw Type 3 in. diam Tires: Four (4) 11 X 24.5 R Firestone Upper Coupler: Adjustable 3/8 in. plate with Holland kingpin Wheels: 10 hole Budd wheels powder coated white Access Ladder: One (1) in the rear Manways: One (1) 20 in. sealed on the side (Betts or Knappco) External Coating: Jones-Blair two coats of polyurethane on an epoxy primer (4-6 mils DFT) Paint Prep: All steel surfaces sandblasted inside and out Conspicuity Tape: 3M Per DOT Fenders: Two (2) steel made Lights: Sealed harness and recessed GROTE LED lights per DOT Mud Flaps Two (2) Anti-sail Vacuum Manometer: Two (2) manometers, one of airline and another one for the tank Paint Color: Available in a variety of different colors We sell and finance trailers. "WE WORK WITH ALL TYPES OF CREDIT AND HAVE FINANCE PROGRAMS TO FIT EVERY SITUATION". We make it easy and affordable for you to finance your next truck or trailer quick and easy. Call FRED Today 469-225-0108 Hablamos español llámenos hoy para iniciar el proceso para obtener su crédito. Aquí aceptamos todos los tipos de crédito.

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