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Shop Trucks For Sale in Port Royal Virginia at L&G Truck Sales

Great deals on semi trucks!

Currently, there are no Shop Trucks For Sale in Port Royal Virginia at L&G Truck Sales for sale. The following have all been sold...

Currently, all of these units have been sold. Perhaps you can still find what you are looking for here... !

The inventory at L&G Truck Sales includes a variety of pre-owned trucks and trailers. Every truck in their inventory is well-maintained and ready to haul loads down the freeway. Each listing in their online inventory includes several pictures of the outside and inside of the truck so that you have a good idea of what the truck looks like before making the trip to the dealership. The listings also include information such as mileage, truck type, suspension type, brake condition, tire size, rear axle rating, transmission make and more. They also include any available information provided by the previous owner. Customers who don't find the truck they are looking for while browsing the online inventory at L&G Truck Sales are encouraged to call because their inventory changes often and it may take a day or two for a truck that has been added to their inventory to be inventoried online.

The trailers at L&G Truck Sales are also in good condition. Their trailer listings include information such as length, floor type, tire size, number or axles, weight rating, axle configuration and more. The listings in the online inventory at L&G Truck Sales can be emailed, printed or shared on Facebook. Customers can also email the seller if they have questions. The sales staff at L&G Truck Sales has experience with the trucking industry and is happy to answer any questions you have either at the dealership or over the phone.