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If You Need Trailers, Kaufman Trailers is The Answer!

Lexington, NC

Currently, there are no If You Need Trailers, Kaufman Trailers is The Answer! for sale. The following have all been sold...

Currently, all of these units have been sold. Perhaps you can still find what you are looking for here... !


Kaufman offer a variety of trailers to their customers. Whether you are looking for utility trailers, car trailers, flatbed trailers, lowboy trailers, dump trailers, gooseneck trailers or equipment trailers, you can get the trailers you need to haul your loads from Kaufman. Their trailers can be delivered directly from the factory to any location in the continental U.S. The trailers can be ordered standard or customized to meet the needs of individual customers. Various paint colors, axle spacings, deck lengths, weight ratings and more are available. The staff is happy to help with any trailer customization that will make it easier for their customer to move loads down the road.


Kaufman is also known for their friendly, knowledgeable sales staff. It is a good idea for customers to write down the name of the customer service representative they talked to the first time they call so that they can be routed to the same team member if they have any further questions. The sales team takes the time understand the needs of each customer and they want to make sure that the customer doesn't have to waste time explaining their background and needs to a different person every time they call. It is also a good idea for the customer to know the type of cargo they will be hauling on their new trailer so that the customer service representative can make sure they get a trailer that will meet their needs.