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Shop Trailers For Sale from JP Rivard in North Chelmsford MA

North Chelmsford, MA

Currently, there are no Shop Trailers For Sale from JP Rivard in North Chelmsford MA for sale. The following have all been sold...

Currently, all of these units have been sold. Perhaps you can still find what you are looking for here... !


jp rivard semi trailers

J.P. Rivard has been a trusted name in the trailer business for over 30 years. They have both new and used trailers in stock as well as used trucks, wheels and more. J.P. Rivard Trailer Sales offers trailer repair and service as well as brokering, leasing, rental consignment, trailer washing and other services. The dealership is located at 1 Ward Way in North Chelmsford, Massachusetts. The knowledgeable staff can be reached at 978-251-9953.


J.P. Rivard Trailer Sales has new trailers in stock from some of the best known brands in the trailer equipment industry, including Dorsey, Stoughton and Custom Built. These trailers have model years of 2012-2014. They include intermodal trailers, dry vans and chip trailers. Feel free to contact J.P. Rivard if you don't see the new trailer you're looking for in their online inventory, as stock changes frequently and they will help you get the new trailers you need to keep your company moving.


If you're looking for used trailers, J.P. Rivard has an excellent assortment in stock. They have dry vans, dollies, flatbeds, chip trailers, pups, refers, containers and chassis. These trailers are in great shape and are ready to get back on the road. You can browse J.P. Rivard's online inventory or search for the trailers you need by manufacturer, year, price, trailer type, stock number, floor type and other criteria.


J.P. Rivard offers financing to almost anyone in the trucking industry. They can help you get the trucks you need at an affordable rate, whether you're an owner-operator with a single truck and trailer or the owner of a large trucking company. Leasing and rental options are available. Call the finance department for details about these programs. The credit application can be filled out and submitted online. It is a simple application that requires basic personal information as well as banking, asset and employment information. Trade-ins are accepted in most cases.


The service and repair staff at J.P. Rivard specializes in taking care of your vehicles like they care for their own. They offer free estimates, pick up and delivery of your truck or trailer, trailer axle alignments and more. DOT inspections and Massachussetts state inspections are also available at J.P. Rivard Trailer Sales. The talented mechanics can repair or replace the doors, roof or floor of your trailer. They are also experienced with body work and brake work.