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Module Name:TruckerToTrucker Listings
Author: Trucker to Trucker LLC
Description: Used to add your trucker listings from to your Drupal website with API key.
License: GPLv2 or later
License URI:

1.This module is used to display the trucker listings from with respect to the users personal API key.
2.How to get API key:
a).Log in to your account at
b).Once logged in, go to to get your API key.
c).Copy and save this number.
3.Goto module admin area ‘TruckerToTrucker’.
4.Submit Your personal API key.
5.You should enable clean URL,goto Configuration –> Clean URLs –> Enable clean URLs –>Save Configuration.
6.Visit the Page TruckerToTrucker Listings on Navigation menu block.or visit url : {websiteurl}/trucker_listings

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