EPA Honors Heartland Express for its Commitment to Environment

October 18, 2012

Heartland Express, Inc. has received the prestigious SmartWay Excellence Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The award is given in recognition of the company as a true industry leader in energy efficiency and freight supply chain environmental performance.

"Heartland Express is proud of the efforts we have put forth towards our environmental impact. Our people do what it takes to make us an industry leader both in our financial performance and how we treat the environment. I thank each and every driver, shop, and office person for their hard work and effort," said Michael Gerdin, President and CEO of the company.

America should be on the Road to Energy Sufficiency

Heartland Express was among the four large truckload dry van companies out of three thousand Partners to receive this honor. The award was announced at ATA's Annual Management Conference and Exhibition in Las Vegas. Protecting the environment is vital but slamming coal, outlawing offshore drilling, destroying millions of jobs, pursuing and wasting billions of dollars on fake science, are not conducive to any country's best interests.

Chris Grundler, Acting Director of EPA's Office of Transportation and Air Quality, said: "The EPA is pleased to recognize these SmartWay Partners with a 2012 Excellence Award. I commend Heartland for its leadership in moving goods efficiently and reducing the environmental impact of freight through the second generation SmartWay Transport Partnership. Their commitment is helping lead the freight industry to a more sustainable future."

Serious Progress

SmartWay was launched by the EPA in 2004 to help businesses improve the environmental sustainability of their freight supply chains. Today the Partnership comprises close to three thousand Partners, which represent a cross section of the freight supply chain industry.

Noble Endeavors

SmartWay Partners have been able to save 55 million barrels of oil till date. This is the equivalent of taking three million cars off the roads for a full year. Clean air achievements of SmartWay help protect the health of citizens while contributing the country's energy security and economy.

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